Health Care as a Must

Health Care as a Must Americans are in the disaster mode without some kind of health care to help them through sickness.
Finally, a health care bill is passed to help all Americans survive in this perilous time when we need adequate care for our health. Hospitals claim that they have to charge the insurance of patients three to five times more because one patient out of five may have health care while the other four do not.

The horror stories of people dying in the waiting rooms because of lack of health care and young children dying at home because parents cannot afford proper medicines and doctors are all signs that the system we have does not work.
The Republicans have had many presidents in office who have done nothing to resolve the situation. Why are they complaining now? Just because they have not come up with a solution to the problem does not mean that they cannot help the solution that has been brought forward.

It’s easy to set back and complain about all the problems in the new bill but why not take affirmative action? The Republicans may not have come up with the bill but they can work hard to make it successful and they will find the American people will still be very appreciative of their endeavors, financing the bill

We all realize that nothing comes cheap! It is going to cost money that needs to come first from some place. I would like to see all the hospitals across the nation start a twitter daily that tells how many patients they treated in the emergency room, how many of those patients did not have health care, and how many of those patients who had previous medical care would not have needed to even been in the emergency care unit. When you stack up those figures the use of preventative care may automatically cut down on the cost of the health care costs in the new program.


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